One Act Weekend

We have the writers, now we just need our actors! 

Auditions for the One Act Weekend will be

April 10th from 6:30pm - 9:30pm at 1022 Court Street Lynchburg, VA 24504

All you'll need is yourself, and a 30 second monologue. 

Just shoot us an email at to let us know you're coming!


Check out the different shows that you can audition for below. Feel free to try out for all three or just one. We can't wait to highlight all the local Lynchburg talent this summer!


Written By Katie Swezey

 Ella Hill returns to her childhood treehouse after 55 years. There, the past and the present collide as the people she once knew and loved help her come to terms with grief, and the trauma she experienced growing up during the Great Depression. 

Ella Hill - 70’s, Female, Lead, A woman haunted by her past but ready to finally face it, has a very pensive and bittersweet outlook on life. 

Young Ella - 14/15, Female, Lead. Ella as a child, before and during her hardships. She is shy, but passionately loyal and loving. 


Eva Hill -14/15, Female. Ella’s twin sister, and emotional protector. She is creative, outgoing, spunky, and energetic. The heart of the show. 


James Hill - 30’s, Male. Ella and Eva’s doting father. Gladys’ husband. He is proud, unwilling to let the Depression define his family, but willing to do whatever it takes to provide for them. 


Gladys Hill - 30’s, Female. Ella and Eva’s mother and James’ wife. On the surface she comes across as vicious and irredeemable. She is unhappy with her lot in life, but isn’t a villain. 


Lee Jones - 14/15, Male. Ella and Eva’s neighbor and life long friend. He is very much, and literally, the boy next door. He is an artist. Sweet, charming, compassionate, and madly in love with Ella. 


Man - 30’s, Male. An individual who has been completely torn apart by the Depression. He is susceptible to ‘desperate times call for desperate measures’. 


Younger Child - 30’s/40’s, Female. Ella’s adult daughter, a symbol of hope and the fact that her life DOES get better. Very close with her mother, and dedicated to making her final years joyful ones. 

Older Child - 30’s/40’s, can be male or female, Ella’s adult child, a symbol of hope and the fact that her life DOES get better. Extremely responsible and protective of their family.

Brief Candles

Written By Ethan Mitchell

 Three long separated brothers are reunited on the morning of their father's funeral. Each brother, in their own time, unearths their personal truth before the impending burial. Blood, Belief, Past, and Purpose are put to the test in the eulogies of the Millers' soul. 

Nathan - The eldest. Early 40s late 30s. A sharp wit that cuts deep to prove his worth.


Brian - The middle brother. In his 30s. The peacemaker with a warm heart but a tendency to be overbearing. Trying to keep the family together.

Cassidy - The youngest. Early 20s. A bright, albeit sarcastic, mind that is tired being relegated to the shadows. 

Family Dysfunction

Written By Kristin Lindquist

A private investigator is hired to track down a missing woman whose family doesn’t want to believe she may have disappeared intentionally.

Nari YoungFemale, about 26. A private investigator. Gentle-spirited, though easily annoyed. Quick-witted, grounded, intelligent, professional exterior.


Mrs. Conti Female, late 50’s. Widowed, familiar with mafia life and somewhat unable to discern that others are not. Warm-hearted, always loud, never afraid.


Valentino ContiMale, late 20’s. A management analyst. Honest but doesn’t mean to sound harsh, genuinely concerned for his family, slightly reserved and formal.


Gaia ContiFemale, about 25. Extremely indecisive and unsure of what she wants, dysfunctional, emotional, misguided but not an evil person.


Antonio FerroMale, late 20’s. A member of the mafia from a powerful family, professional manipulator, keeps his own best interest in mind, intimidating.

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